Beaver, Utah


Dairy Farmers of America

Project Type

Destination / Retail

The Creamery

Each of our projects at Knighton Architecture has a story that matters to the business owner, so it matters to us. A few years ago, the iconic Cache Valley Cheese plant in Beaver was in need of a refresh. The plant manager had a vision of bringing it back to life and saw the potential to create a unique experience that brings the farm directly to the table. He worked with us to create some renderings, and ultimately, the Dairy Farmers of America leadership decided to fund a $5 million project to revamp the cheese factory.

What was once a small gray brick building to the side of a decades-old dairy processing plant, became a beautiful creamery with more customers than anyone could have imagined. The new place is more than four times the size of the original store it replaces, and features expanded retail space, a cafe, and an interactive, educational dairy experience space. It’s had a massive positive impact on the community and will continue to help feed the community for years to come. The building tells a story and provides an experience unlike no other. This is only one illustration of how our process works – which begins with an idea and ends with positive impacts on communities.