Relationships Over Everything

We care deeply about forging strong relationships with our clients. We purposefully designed our team and business so that every client has direct access to the Principal Architect for every project, throughout the entire project. We are committed to collaborating with the right clients so that we can develop incredible projects together.

The Architectural Process

Designing and building a project from start to finish takes good communication and collaboration between the design team and the client. At Knighton Architecture, we deeply value our client relationships, looking to build a lasting partnership through the project and beyond. We view ourselves as the hopeful guide and design professional who can take your exciting idea and turn it into something real and impactful.

Step One: Explore / Gather Information

Before we start designing, we gather the information needed to begin the project. We meet with you to understand your needs, expectations, end goal, budgets, and any constraints you might have. We also study local zoning codes and constraints. If circumstances permit, we’d love to visit the site to help understand the opportunities and challenges of your unique location.

Step Two: Create the Concept / Early Conceptual Design

Once we understand the ideas and needs behind the project, we start with the early conceptual design. We share ideas, explore possibilities, and give you a preview of what the project could look like in the end. If the project is feasible and will fit your needs, we will move to the next phase. Every once in a while, it turns out that a project does not fit the site or vice versa. When that occurs, together we will keep tweaking the design until you feel ready to proceed to the next phase.

Step Three: Create the Details / Start Designing

This is where the real fun (and work) starts. We get into the real details of the design and work out all the complex parts that come together to make the project real. We offer digital 3D renderings and virtual walkthroughs to help you visualize and envision what the project will look like when it’s completed. We work with various professional engineers who help to provide the technical details required to make a project buildable. We also get the drawings and documents ready for city approval and lead you through that process.

Step Four: Elevate / Construction

This is when your project really comes to life. We help all the way through construction to advocate for the owner, working with the contractor to help coordinate and resolve issues that come up during construction, so that the project unfolds according to the plans. We stay engaged and by your side until the project is ready for you to move in.

Create With Us

Are you ready to start exploring the possibilities of your next project? Contact us today for expert planning, design, and execution. Knighton Architecture will help you bring your vision to life.